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Raul Lopez Pomares

Raul Lopez Pomares

Creative Director/ Artist

Hi, my name is Raul Lopez Pomares, I was born in Spain (Madrid) and grew up mostly in Miami.

I studied Design and Electronic Intermedia at New World School of the arts and earn my living as a creative Director as well as an artist.

My work consists of functional art, conventionally art tends to find a resting place (a wall, a pedestal) and sits there gathering dust having little to no interaction with whoever owns said work. My aim is to integrate art with life rather than adorn it, to see my work being used rather than observed. I seek to change the role of the art collector to an active rather than passive one.

Early on I became fascinated with vessels, and quite a bit of my efforts concentrate on these. They have been used in a myriad of ways from the sacred Egyptian urns containing the remains of pharaohs to the more mundane decanters one uses to store or pour whatever strikes your fancy.

I do not understand why art has been relegated to a static existence when we should aim to incorporate it in our daily lives. Having said that I try not to overstate the importance of function over form but rather strike a balance in the two. This does not mean however that my only purpose is to create aesthetically pleasing work devoid of meaning. Making art (to me) is like releasing a pressure valve to stay sane, it is the result of trying to express and make sense of the world as seen through my personal lense. :)</P.